10 Concept Cars That Didn’t Go Anywhere

10 Concept Cars That Didn’t Go Anywhere

Audi Quattro Concept

Most Audi fans will likely be familiar with the Quattro name-plate. The original Ur-Quattro was a road and rally racing legend, winning 23 World Rally Championship races from 1981 to 1985. When Audi showed off the Quattro concept, a collective gasp escaped from the hoard of Audi and rallying enthusiasts. Could Audi top their fantastic road-car from the past?

The car seemed like a lighter, front-engined R8 with a shorter wheelbase, and originally a limited run was planned. It used a turbocharged five-cylinder engine that made 400-hp, enough to get the Quattro Concept to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. It also had a six-speed manual gearbox (a rarity in modern Audis) and a new generation of the quattro AWD system.

Recently the idea was shelved, and Audi’s insistence that the Quattro Concept lives on in the Crosslane SUV concept is disappointing news indeed.

  • Adam Donohue

    Left out the Dodge Copperhead!? 

  • Catfan

    It should have been branded as an Imperial.  Great idea!

  • SpencerRynberg

    I saw the Dodge Demon in person about 2 years ago at Trenton engine north. It looked so much better in person.

  • Carlos

    Concept cars are never meant to “go anywhere”. They built as showy platforms, for various new features. There are probably many features, on your own car, that debuted at a car show, on a concept car.


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