10 Concept Cars That Didn’t Go Anywhere

10 Concept Cars That Didn’t Go Anywhere

Chrysler Firepower

With the Viper basking in all of its glory, Dodge’s sister brand Chrysler was feeling a little left out. That’s where the Firepower comes in. This Chrysler supercar was based on the Viper but would borrow some styling from the Chrysler Crossfire. With a 6.1L V8 the Firepower could have been a solid overall car, with quality and comfort above that of its competitors.

The same team that developed the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve supercar designed this Chrysler Firepower, and for a while it seemed like the Firepower was heading to production. But, like many of the other cars on this list, Chrysler couldn’t find a way to make a business case for the car and it was killed off.

  • Adam Donohue

    Left out the Dodge Copperhead!? 

  • Catfan

    It should have been branded as an Imperial.  Great idea!

  • SpencerRynberg

    I saw the Dodge Demon in person about 2 years ago at Trenton engine north. It looked so much better in person.

  • Carlos

    Concept cars are never meant to “go anywhere”. They built as showy platforms, for various new features. There are probably many features, on your own car, that debuted at a car show, on a concept car.


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