2013 Honda Civic Interior Photos Spied

2013 Honda Civic Interior Photos Spied

It won’t be officially unveiled until later this week at the LA Auto Show, but with cars already parked on dealer lots, it was only a matter of time before more photos of the new 2013 Honda Civic hit the net.

And here they are, including the first pictures of the refreshed Civic’s interior, complete with a new dash material, new trim material, as well as chrome detailing and a brushed aluminum look for the HVAC vent surrounds.

The photos come via a Florida Honda dealership employee posting on AutoGuide forum community 9thGenCivic.com. In addition to the pictures, there are more details on the car, though much of the information is market-specific to Canada, like the inclusion of a new Touring grade trim level.

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More general updates include the addition of new paint colors such as Kona Coffee Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic (sedan), White Orchid Pearl (sedan, US), Aspen White Pearl (Canada) and Dyno Blue Pearl (natural gas model).

Look for full details on the 2013 Civic, as well as AutoGuide’s first drive of the refreshed car when it debuts at the LA Auto Show on Thursday, November 28th at 1:05 EST.

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Correction Notice: The original source of the photos was said to be a Canadian Honda dealer employee, though according to information provided by Honda Canada the photos actually originate from a dealership in Florida.

  • Peter

    Thank you AutoGuide! Looks like Honda went a bit Chrome crazy. The exterior looks nice, but the interior “seems” like it is still lacking. Not a fan of the climate dials. I just hope the top of the dash is not hard plastic again. As for the debut date – Thursday November 29th right?

  • Peter

    Here are the interior shots without the yellow cast. You can see what looks like faux stitching on the passenger side dash.

  • NJcentral1234

    Looks like the horrible “rice paper grain” hard plastic is gone from the dashboard.

  • Peter

    More Pictures Leaked!

  • Peter

     Thanks for the link!

  • Dan Lee

    the front lower valance looks like VW passat, what is up with all the manufacturers copying each other. I wished they just improved on the prior 2010 civic sedan looks instead of copying the corolla for the 2011-2012 which was a big flop, and now it looks like a glorified jetta in the front, the rear valance looks ridiculous , the side profile still looks identical to the 2011-2012 civic, still ugly. It is however a big improvement, civic should do a little better now but by far not up to hyundai standards as new model release. Perhaps we will get a new civic for 2015 ? only sales will tell

  • Peter

    1st Place – Honda Civic Smashes the Completion
    Both the Hyundai
    Elantra and Toyota Corolla have a crappy / cheap torsion beam rear
    suspension. With a torsion beam you loose ride comfort and if your rear
    wheel alignment goes out you have to use shims – metal or plastic
    spacers used in the alignment process to alter camber, caster and/or
    toe. The Hyundai Elantra does not even have a spare tire!