2013 Honda Civic Styling Tweaked for More Mass Appeal

2013 Honda Civic Styling Tweaked for More Mass Appeal

“All hail the King of compact cars,” or so the masses of droning Honda Civic buyers might chant as they march in unison with cash in hand.

Love it or hate it, the Civic is a force to be reckoned with. Sales increased this year even after the collective body of automotive journalists ridiculed Honda’s 2012 effort. In spite of that, the brand tweaked its popular little car to give it broader appeal. What, exactly, that project meant was a mystery until today when the brand released images of the 2013 car.

Headed for the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, the car gets a new open mouth lower bumper with a black honeycomb mesh grille. It also gets new clear lens corner lights and a revised hood to deliver a more chiseled look.

Revisions continue around the car at the rear where it has similar tail lights that sit above a revised rear bumper and new trunk lid accented by a thick horizontal chrome strip.

Honda also said the car has a longer list of tweaks, changes and safety improvements which it will release during the L.A. Auto Show in two weeks.

GALLERY: 2013 Honda Civic


  • Ericinsurrey

    The new 2013 Honda Civic looks more stylish, but are there any mechanical changes? Will this vehicle gain anymore fuel mileage by the new design and or mechanic changes, if any? Will it contain more upgraded leather seating? What about technology? Please post links to more info….

  • Colum Wood

    More info won’t be released until the LA Auto Show in two weeks time although we will be driving the car this Friday. All other info is on a strict embargo.

  • Wow.. still looks like a Camry. Good job, Honda.

  • Hope so since it’s the number one selling car.  (that’s a period at the end)


  • Colum Wood

    They won’t announce that until the LA Auto Show, but considering the Elantra no longer makes 40 mpg, the Civic now has best-in-class numbers already.