2013 Nissan Leaf Getting Longer Range, Lower Price Tag

2013 Nissan Leaf Getting Longer Range, Lower Price Tag

Nissan has just unveiled its 2013 Leaf in Japan, announcing that the car is getting a boost in range and a lower price for the Japanese market.

The brand claims to have improved the vehicle’s overall range by 14 percent, which was previously EPA rated at 73 miles. That would boost the overall range of the Leaf up to 83 miles here in America, though in our review, the Leaf fell short of its projected range. On the Japan testing cycle, the updated Leaf receives a range of 142 miles.

Range was helped in no small part thanks to the reduction of 180 pounds off of the Leaf’s overall weight, as well as the addition of a more efficient regenerative braking system.

Other improvements include the addition of Nissan’s around view camera system, and the choice of a leather upholstered interior. All of the changes announced are specifically for the Japanese market, and may or may not make there way into the American spec Leaf.

The updated Leaf goes on sale today in Japan, with a price tag of 3.3 million yen, a 500,000 yen reduction from the 2012 model. When converted directly to American dollars, that equals a savings of about $6,100.

Nissan is still seeing Leaf sales declining in the U.S., selling 2,000 units less so far in 2012 as they did by the same point in 2011. These new improvements are meant to coax more buyers into picking up a new Nissan Leaf.

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[Source: Automotive News]

  • EPA rating for the range of the present model Leaf is 73 miles not 100 miles.

  • danwat1234

    73*1.15=84 miles EPA. A good improvement especially if cost comes down too!