2014 Honda Fit Engine Tech Previewed

2014 Honda Fit Engine Tech Previewed

Still competitive in its segment due to innovative styling, packaging and an enjoyable drive, Honda’s Fit sub-compact is starting to show its age.

Once the out-in-front segment leader, the Fit is no longer the obvious choice, especially in regards to fuel economy, though Honda aims to change all that with a new powertrain for 2014.

While not yet confirmed for that platform, Honda has unveiled a new 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, featuring direct-injection. While no official specs have been released the new engine itself will be five percent more fuel efficient while offering a six percent improvement in torque.

Mated to the engine will be a new CVT transmission, with the combination resulting in a 15 percent improvement in acceleration and a 10 percent bump in fuel economy.

The powertrain also features a start-stop system that will shut off the engine when idling, though it’s not yet clear if Honda has any plans to bring start-stop technology to non-hybrid models in North America.

The current Fit is rated at 117 hp and 106 lb-ft of torque, while offering 28 mpg city, 35 mpg highway and a combined 31 mpg.

GALLERY: Honda Fit Direct-Injection Prototype


  • Davecustommade

    Yes, please . . . for the direct injection and CVT Transmission.  The only thing that would make it a slam dunk would be a digital readout for the speedometer. 

  • Joe Blo

    Not impressed…My `12 Sonic 1.4T manual gets up to 48 HWY regularly on level ground.
    Even the window sticker shows a 40 rating but says you can get as high as 47.
    Feels much more solid than a Fit and loads more TQ/HP.
    WIDE torque band. Pulls easily from 1500 RPM. Turns about 1900 RPM on the freeway.
    Best friend is a long time Honda mechanic and agrees it feels smoother/more substantial/quicker than a Fit.
    Since it`s a turbo a simple Trifecta tune makes it WAY faster but doesn`t hurt cruise MPG.
    I love it. CVT LOL…I prefer my buttery-smooth 6-manual.