2014 MINI Cooper S Spied With New Head and Taillights

2014 MINI Cooper S Spied With New Head and Taillights

Spattered with black and yellow, the next generation MINI Cooper S was spied testing today.

Last May a different version of the next-generation MINI showed up in spy photos, but this time the car has dual exhaust pipes, lower profile tires and what looks like a covered air intake on the hood. It also has different head and tail lights than the car in previous photos.

It does, however, have the same slanted windshield as the test mule spotted earlier in the year. MINI is expected to give the new car a sleeker look more in line with BMW, its parent company. When it debuts, it will have more than tweaked styling in common with the brand. That’s because the new car will share its platform with the BMW 1 Series, growing slightly in both length and width.

Production is expected to begin on the new car sometime in early 2013 with arrival expected late in the year.

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