2014 Nissan Titan Coming as Redesigned Truck

2014 Nissan Titan Coming as Redesigned Truck

Nissan will give its Titan full-size pickup truck a much needed revamp, that will arrive in 2014. 

The Titan never enjoyed the sales Nissan had hoped for, capturing just 1.5 percent of the overall half-ton pickup market since it was introduced back in 2003. The truck failed because it was offered in few configurations with a single engine option. Also, there was no base model that appealed to tradesmen and fleet customers.

The high demand for new pickups is spurring Nissan’s move to bring the truck back to the market, rather than just killing it off. According to R.L. Polk automotive, the average pickup truck on the road is 10 years old, meaning that most will have to be replaced sooner rather than later. There are also a significant number of buyers out there who are not loyal to a particular brand, leaving a whole in the market that Nissan is going to try and capitalize on.

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Changes coming to the new Titan are unclear, but reports say that a diesel engine is likely. Much like Toyota has to do with its full size Tundra, the Titan has to play catch up, and try to compete with Ford’s EcoBoost V6 which has been very positively received. RAM is also making steps forward in the pickup market, introducing an eight-speed transmission to its half-ton pickup.

So watch for the Titan to bow with at least three engine options, possibly a larger gear box, and more trim levels.

[Source: Car & Driver]

  • I looked at the Titan when I bought my Ram. I happen the think the Titan has the best looking body in the full size truck market. And the max cab big rear window is nice too.

    But I did not go with Titan because fuel economy was not good and price was high.

    If titan is going to be redesigned, here’s what I would wish for:

    – Big roomy 2door regular cab with bench seat for 3
    – Rail storage like Ram box
    – Shorter truck overall
    – Same color bumpers front and back
    – Best fuel economy / HP ratio for a full size.. I think 20mpg City/ 300hp would be amazing
    – Factory 2wd suspension and wheels that support 325/60/18 tires w/o rubbing.

  • Trailgeek

    I chose the Titan Pro 4x crew cab for the following reasons: 
    – It is 4 inches shorter than the other four makes.
    – I use the big, wide, vertical-sliding real window every day.
    – In the mountains, the transmission is smother than the domestics’, even though it is only a 5-speed.
    – The ability to add an external entry keypad (like Ford’s).

    I am happy with my Titan, but I am not loyal.  For my next truck, I expect all of the above plus the following:
    – An AWD mode or at least an automatic engaging full-time 4WD system (as opposed the current PT system).  I’d give up the low-range 4×4 if necessary.
    – More HP and torque.
    – Six-speed (or better) automatic transmission.
    – Better fuel economy
    – An automatic transmission shifter that is something other than a stick extruding upward from the center console (what a waste of space!).
    – At least as much cab space, both front and rear.
    – A flat rear floor.

  • Frelvis99

    I have a 2010 nissan titan pro 4x great truck. So far . Power ,fuel economy ,and reliability is the key. Achieve this and you will win! I would pay double to have loads of power, great gas mileage, and no break downs for 200,000 miles. I’m not talking engine or tranny failure . I’m talking no maintenance but fluids, filters , brakes, and tires! That’s it….quality parts start to finish, no weak link, save a buck bull crap like every stupid car and truck is made!

  • ruuddawg

    sounds like the 2013 ram 1500 with the Ram Box will suit your needs perfectly

  • Tonster32

    I have an 04 Titan. It’s been wonderful. On the highway, I get 21 MPG if I don’t exceed 70 mph.  Only complaint has been with rear axle.  Tends to blow seals fairly regularly.  My wish is for an option for pulling a 5th wheel travel trailer.  I am being forced to a domestic for that option.

  • Picasso Ng

    My wish is for a small diesel, delivering good torque, in a useable RPM range, not like current gassers… Really, who runs their V8 gasser at 3500RPM-5500 to get what foolish claims on HP and Torque mfgs make… give me something making peak HP and torque 1500-2200… in a diesel… i’m in.  combine that with Dana, and reliable Nissan engineering, and I’ll take a sentra with it.

  • Ken F

    21 MPG?? Wow, that is the highest MPG I’ve ever heard of a Titan getting. I get around 16 BEST highway MPG. More like 12 to 13 combined in my 06 Titan..

  • Picasso Ng

    I think he is talking canadian MPG maybe?  I have  a pathfinder that I can’t break 16 with!

  • Nissan Nut

    Its too soon for  a redesign. I love my 05 Armada, but there is so many changes between current and older we don’t need a redesign. Just add more options like engines and cabs and heavy duty models.

  • Bull76266

    I also have a PRO 4X and its my third Titan so I am loyal to Nissan.  I agree 100% with your suggestions so let’s hope Nissan steps up to the plate with the new model.

  • Mentallect

    It’s sales will soon skyrocket with the diesel!