2014 Toyota Tundra Rumored for Chicago Auto Show Debut

2014 Toyota Tundra Rumored for Chicago Auto Show Debut

Toyota’s first foray into the full-size half-ton truck market was unveiled in 2007 in Chicago, and now AutoGuide has learned that Toyota will likely reveal its all-new Tundra during the upcoming 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

The Tundra has seen lackluster sales, even though when it first debuted it had all the right power and towing numbers to compete with the big three. The main issue with the truck was not design, but that it wore an un-American badge few truck buyers were interested in.

Not much is known about the new Tundra as Toyota is staying very tight lipped, but it will have to be a radical departure from the current design. The new truck will probably be more angular, emulating what the other players have been doing with their trucks lately.

Fuel efficiency is one of the Tundra’s biggest weaknesses, and for 2014 we can expect the truck to improve immensely in this area. How it will be done is not clear, but some options on the table for Toyota are introducing a hybrid system, weight savings, direct-injection and even the possibility of introducing a small diesel engine.

The other real possibility is the introduction of more gears, copying the likes of RAM with an eight, or even nine-speed gearbox.

As for interior, the new Tundra will likely become more luxurious, with more options that the previous model.

  • B. Vanderhoof

    Well  I hope they don`t ugly it up like the Chevy and Ford did, maybe stay more with the Dodge truck look.
    I like it the way it is.
    I got rid of an F350 superduty 7.3 dually and for under 10000 lbs towing this truck is far better and it`s only a half ton. Same fuel econmy towing with cheaper fuel better non towing mileage  quieter more comfortable ,drives better, double cab has as much room as Ford crew cab even the Scotty dogs like it better.
     Great power for a 5.7.

  • Mariom131

    Hope the new Tundra has a fully box frame so it’ll drive smother on the road.

  • hemi lol

    it already drives better than the other trucks. a box frame is a STUPID idea. a truck frame is NOT supposed to be that rigid. EVERY SINGLE SEMI on the road has a C-channel frame and i think we would all agree that if a box frame was a better idea than every semi would have one…………….. but they dont, and for a very good reason. A truck frame should be compliant and since the tundra has 3 different frame sections the back end which is a c-channel so every bump doesnt jar straight into your seat. you want proof i suppose that compliant is stronger than something thats rigid right? Ok, the wing tip of a Boeing 747 flexes 26 FEET up and down so 13 feet up or 13 feet down while carrying 800,000 PLUS pounds!!! OH by the way the wings dont break but IF they were rigid they would break off before the plane left the ground…. I hope this sheds some light on why a box frame is a dumb marketing idea that ford came up with.

  • Mike_krth

    As a owner of an 07 tundra that just clicked past 276,000 miles. I put a lot of miles on in a year. My truck is used to haul and tow most of the time doing both. But has NEVER given me any troubles. Befor this truck was a ram 1500 and a z71 before that. I used to buy whatever truck I could get the best deal on at the time. NO MORE. I will only buy Toyota trucks from now on. It’s a shame people would not buy this truck because its a Toyota. They really don’t understand how economics work, if they did then they would understand the name means nothing. I will put another 100 to 150 thousand more on this truck. Then ill be the proud owner of a brand spanking new one, no cross shopping needed!

  • ChuckVegasheat1

     Are you kiddin me? The Dodge truck is one ugly mofo!

  • Vegasheat1

     Wow! 276,000 miles? Congrats bud…that’s awesome. I tow a 8500lb 5th wheel from Northern Colorado to NY with my 2007 DC in 2011 and didn’t have one bit of problems. Can’t wait for a new 2014.

  • Irasicz01

    neh. it one of the nicest that Dodge, very small inside, but nice

  • 5.7TRDSport

    Would like to see more options on TRD Sport Package. And upgrade the headlights to HD, Carbon Fiber interior, make it fast and powerful.

  • 1williamleland

    try some undercoating on frame & bottom of floor

  • Mert

    Looks like the 2007-2013.  What’s changed?  Still looks like a dodge 🙁

  • Dfb264

    fuel economy needs improving on 5.7.  share engine and transmission program with industry so we can choose chips to program expressly for our driving needs.  dip stick in transmission and a true positraction rear end.  more comfortable rear seats 

  • Tundra


  • Rvilla27

    Disagree with the box frame

  • Romafern

    It needs to be a diesel version. Please! so sick of this mierda gasoline!

  • Lanekirt

    I HATE DODGE! USED TO LOVE TUNDRA. Now it looks like a dodge! Big mistake toyota! FIRE THE DESIGN TEAM! Waited for nothing. Expected a new engine not an ugly nose! Very disappointed! Now gotta released the HD so u wont lose customers!