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 |  Nov 15 2012, 3:32 PM

The next generation of Toyota’s Prius is set to arrive in 2014 with some significant changes, which could include a four-wheel drive system, and a fuel mileage rating of 90 mpg. 

“The rear wheels will be driven by a motor in an e-4WD system,” an unnamed Toyota engineer told AutoExpress. “Targeting snowy areas, they will operate at up to 37 mph.”

For fuel saving purposes, the Prius is also reportedly going to lose up to 150 pounds, thanks to a downsizing of the engine. “The current 1.8-litre engine will be modified, while the inverter and motor will be downsized, but will deliver more power.”

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Aerodynamics will also be a big part of the fuel-savings. “The bonnet height will drop by at least 90 mm and the car will lose its wedge shape,” said the engineer. “The A-pillar will move backwards and the roofline will be pushed forward by around 500 mm.”

The Prius will retain its nickel-metal hydride batteries as well according to the engineer, saying that are still the best at managing power delivery during intensive use and charging.

[Source: Auto Express]


  • David

    Bring it on, I am ready for another Prius, especially an AWD and 90 mpg.

  • David

    Even better would be AWD 90 mpg AND a station wagon! My ideal car!!

  • David

    Whoops, apparently that is a British Imperial gallon, which still means around 75mpg for a US gallon. I could handle that!