Aston Martin…For Sale?

Aston Martin…For Sale?

One of Britain’s most iconic car brands, Aston Martin, may be up for sale according to sources close to the matter. 

Investment Dar Co., the controlling shareholder of Aston Martin has reportedly been approaching potential suitors for the brand. The Kuwaiti company owns 64 percent of Aston, and has apparently hired Rothschild to advise on the sale.

Mahindra and Mahindra, an Indian automotive company is apparently among the companies that has been approached. Investment Dar has been having a hard time finding interested buyers so far because they are seeking the same amount they paid for the company back in 2007, $800 million.

Toyota may also be interested in purchasing the company, as they recently hired an auditor to conduct a study into the feasibility of buying a controlling stake in the British company. Aston and Toyota have partnered together in the past on the Cygnet city car, and have shared engine technology. The CEOs of both companies, pictured above, are also known to be friends and racing buddies.

Representatives from Investment Dar, as well as Aston Martin denied that the brand is for sale. Aston CEO Ulrich Bez also said that the brand is not for sale in a recent interview.

[Source: Bloomberg]

  • Noe Japan

    If Toyota is on this perhaps good. They need a prestige mark. Lexus isn’t prestige outside of the USA ( is it even prestige in the USA?!)

    With the LFA technology slotted into / onto an Aston Martin they could bring things properly up-to-date and onto the starting line for where Aston should be rather than trailing the competitors with dated and old products that all look identical

    Hoping for good news for Aston and all their employees