Audi ‘1.0L’ City Car Might Get Crazy 282 MPG

Audi ‘1.0L’ City Car Might Get Crazy 282 MPG

Said to be capable of as much as 282 mpg, one of Audi’s latest projects is internally called the “1.0-liter car.”

Of course, those figures aren’t based on EPA estimates which often turns out optimistic figures. Instead, it’s based on the European test cycle which is practically bonkers.

Still, Audi’s recipe can likely cook up something very fuel efficient if it sticks to the plan. That, as AutoCar reports, will include the same steel platform as Audi uses to build the A1. Despite that, it won’t look anything like the A1. Instead, it’s said to be modeled after the Crosslane Coupe concept (above) seen in Paris.

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Still, there are significant weight savings on tap by other measures. First, the brand is said to be building interior components from a new mold-injected carbon fiber material which take less than three minutes per piece to make. Currently, the material is expensive because it takes significantly longer than that to build each piece.

The car is also expected to save weight through its suspension components, but brand development boss Wolfgang Durheimer says weight is not the primary concern with this car. Deeper detail isn’t available yet on the project, but it’s supposed to use an electrically-assisted drivetrain which might suggest why weight would be less of an issue.

That could be true for more reasons than one. First, an electric drivetrain provides instant torque. Once a car is moving, it takes minimal power to accelerate and, of course, minimal fuel. It’s also worth noting that if Audi plans to make the car a hybrid, it will have to weigh the car down with a heavy battery pack anyway.

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