Bentley EXP 9 SUV Updates Coming, Continental GT to Get Radical Styling Changes

Bentley EXP 9 SUV Updates Coming, Continental GT to Get Radical Styling Changes

When Bentley debuted the EXP 9 F, many automotive enthusiasts scratched their heads wondering what went wrong with its design. The automaker, however, continues to get positive feedback from its customers on the SUV concept and will be moving forward with its design.

The automaker’s new head of exterior design, David Hilton, has promised that major styling changes are in progress for the SUV model. Hilton seeks to give the it a more sleek appearance and has plans for the controversial front end. An updated concept will be debuting in the next few months, though the automaker still hasn’t given the SUV the green light for production.

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Kevin Rose, member of the Bentley board in charge of sales and marketing, also shared that the automaker is striving to introduce a new or updated model every two years. Surprisingly, the Flying Spur model will be spun away from the Continental GT line, dropping the Continental name and becoming a lineup on its own. As we reported before, the Flying Spur will get a more sporty design, further separating it from the Continental GT models.

Which also means that the next-generation Continental GT model is getting more radical styling changes. Hilton believes the changes made between the first- and second-generation models were too mild, and that something bolder needs to be made next time around.

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[Source: Motor Trend]