Bentley ‘Falcon’ Tipped to be Official Name for EXP 9 F

Bentley ‘Falcon’ Tipped to be Official Name for EXP 9 F

Members of the press might recall Bentley’s seemingly senile speech about the rich owning falcons during the Geneva Motor Show in March, but it turns out that the ridiculous reference was a cheeky preview of the car’s real name.

AutoGuide’s request for a statistical analysis on how many well-to-do families actually keep birds of prey remains unanswered, but the speech that had at least one finger scratching a scalp makes more sense now. If the rumors are true, the ultra-luxury brand’s SUV will be called the Falcon and not the EXP 9-F as previously asserted.

The truck will also undergo a styling overhaul before reaching production — perhaps in a quiet concession that the concept’s styling was as asinine as most of the media initially said. Automobile magazine is reporting that Volkswagen’s new design director Luc Donckerwolke will be behind the project’s revision.

Other projects like the Lamborghini Urus, it seems, have been stayed for at least another year along with the Bugatti Galibier and Bentley Azure.

GALLERY: Bentley EXP 9 F concept


[Source: Automobile]