BMW 1 Series Sedan Rumored for 2016

BMW 1 Series Sedan Rumored for 2016

If the latest rumors are to believed, BMW will usher in its next-generation of 1-Series models in 2016 with a sedan in its lineup as well as the German automaker’s new front-wheel drive architecture. 

In a way, BMW gave us a preview of the next-generation 1-Series with its Concept Active Tourer at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Along with the front-wheel drive platform, the automaker will power its smallest model with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder, turbocharged engine. Higher models in the 1-Series lineup will benefit from a turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant.

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The addition of a 1-Series sedan model would give BMW a competitor against its German counterparts, namely the Audi A3, which is expected to get a sedan version for the current version to help bolster sales in North America.

The main dilemma for BMW, however, is how it will price the 1-Series sedan in order to not cannibalize 3-Series sales.

[Source: BMW Blog]