Caterham Considering Supercar, Eyes Asian Market

Caterham Considering Supercar, Eyes Asian Market

Now that Caterham has joined forces with Renault, the British automaker is looking positively towards the future with production models that will firmly target the Asia market.

Head of Caterham, Tony Fernandes, has an ambitious goal for his brand: To become Asia’s Porsche in the long term. That means more mainstream models thanks to its collaboration with Renault and the hopes of developing a supercar once the brand has a respectable lineup on the market.

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With all the knowledge and experience Caterham has building race cars, the automaker is confident that it has the know-how to produce a formidable supercar for the road. Currently, engineering and design work on the Caterham/Alpine sports car is well underway and a concept is expected to be unveiled next year.

“Caterham has the motorsport know-how, the carbonfibre know-how, the dynamics and aerodynamic know-how to make it happen,” said Mike Gascoyne, former F1 technical director and current head of Caterham Technologies. “My job is to essentially commercialise our motorsport involvement. Having a halo car that demonstrates our expertise would be one, very appealing way of doing that.”

[Source: Autocar]