Caterham Seven Could Use Renault Engines

Caterham Seven Could Use Renault Engines

With the recent announcement that Caterham and Renault have joined forces, Caterham is considering powering its Seven model with powerplants supplied by Renault.

According to Caterham’s chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne, future Seven models could use Renault engines instead of the current Ford powerplants. Gascoyne also hinted that future Caterham models could be developed in collaboration with Renault.

This is all in line with Caterham owner Tony Fernandes’ hopes to transform the automaker into a more mainstream brand. The switch to Renault engines hasn’t been confirmed yet, but is being considered by the automaker.

“At the moment we’re committed to the Sigma and Duratec engines,” said Graham Macdonald of Caterham Cars. “They have a lifetime in our product plans and they deliver what we want in terms of characteristics and keeping the costs where we want them. But they do have a finite life and who knows after that? If Renault can do that then clearly the relationship is there.”

[Source: Autocar UK]