Chinese Automaker GAC Heading to 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Chinese Automaker GAC Heading to 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automotive Group Co. (GAC) will be heading to the 2013 North America International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

While GAC hasn’t yet announced its plans to debut any new models, the most likely possibility is that it will present its lone passenger car, the Trumpchi sedan. Based on the Alfa Romeo 166 sedan, GAC also has had joint ventures with Mitsubishi, Honda, Fiat, and Toyota.

At the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, Changfeng Motor became the first Chinese automaker to exhibit in a North American auto show. Since then, other Chinese automakers such as BYD, Chamco, Geely, and Brilliance – some of which cease to exist today – have all displayed in Detroit.

  • Alan Moore

    If a Chinese company can try to bring the 166 to the US, why can’t Chrysler just bring over the 159 as-is without re-engineering (except for lighting, reflectors, and other outdated regulations our government insists on)? One of the few things I’ll insist on when I travel for several weeks in Europe is to drive a different car every few days.  The 159 is high on my list along with the Peugeot 508 and 607, the Fiat Bravo, and the Buick Verano…erm…I mean the Opel Insignia!