Chrysler Exec Says Donald Trump is “Full of Shit”

Chrysler Exec Says Donald Trump is “Full of Shit”

Ah, the Twitter-verse where impulsive statements become immortal. As Donald Trump continues his anti-Obama campaign, the Donald is accusing Chrysler that it will outsource Jeep manufacturing to China.

Ralph Gilles, current CEO and President of the SRT brand, called Trump out today on Twitter, simply saying that the entrepreneur is “full of shit!” This is of course after Trump tweeted that current President Obama is a terrible negotiator and that bailing out Chrysler was a waste since the American automaker will be sending its Jeep manufacturing to China.

Trump is referring to a recent Bloomberg story, indicating that Chrysler is considering moving manufacturing of all Jeep products to China in an effort to save costs.

Trump of course, has been well documented for being anti-Obama and a vocal advocate of the “Birther” movement, doubting that the President was in fact born an American.

  • chris ghjgd

    he is full of shit…

  • iamcarrie

    Trump is repeating this new on Chrysler outsourcing their line overseas is old news. I already new this a week or two ago.  The Chrysler exec is the one in denial.

  • Mlliteras01

    Sorry Ralph is full it. They are going to make all new jeeps in China. They’re not closing the plants here, they’re just not gonna increase production here.


    Wow GOP supporters you are pathetic, just like the used car saleman(Romney) who represents you. Say anything which serves your greed agenda. Trump is the a piece of human garbage standing for nothing but the dollar. Chrysler is kicking ass, much to your dismay assclowns and you cant handle THE TRUTH. HaHaHa…….Ha……….I cant wait for you dinosaurs to die!!!!

  • FordV8Supercar

    Anyone who’s filthy rich and starts making judgements on things they are not involved in are exactly that! Same goes for that Gina Rinehart, just because she has billions gives her the idea she can dabble in and criticize federal government affiars etc even though she knows bugger-all about it.


     I had to log in just to reply to the idiotic comments that people are saying. I wish people would learn facts before they speak.
    1. Yes Chrysler will be building Jeeps but for the Chinese Market. The Chinese built Jeeps will be only for Asia, specifically China!!! It is not only expensive but it is very hard to sell cars to/in China that have been produced else where. Lets take for example the 300. It starts here at around $28K but in China it will cost about $30k+ that. SO we are talking about almost $60K for the same car. That’s insane.
    2. Next If Chrysler is bringing in more revenue and profits, it will mean better research, development, and quality that goes into the cars they build here.
    3. Chrysler will be adding 1,100 new jobs this month at the factory that produces the Jeep Grand Cherokee.
    4. This is a tactic to scare people in voting for Romney.

    GM, Chrysler, UAW, and the Obama administration ALL have said that they are lying in order to win votes!!!!

    Please next time educate yourself before you speak!


    See post below because you need to be educated as well!

  • Ejames70

    Everyone is free to have their own opinions, and as most know, the crowd from entertainment always has “More Important” things to gripe about then the normal crowd! Maybe that’s why they have so much $. Here’s a clue to all of them: Stick to things you know and leave the important stuff to us.

  • Bananaville

    How hard is it to be a millionaire/billionaire when your fathers were rich and extremely well-connected (ie, Romney & Trump) and you were born without ever worrying about money , as opposed to someone raised poor, by a single mother, who got himself to Harvard? Just wondering….Who is more “Qualified”???

  • Bananaville

    Oh yeah, and he is extremely full of SHIT. Complete narcissistic, A-HOLE!

  • Wow, after all is said and done, Obama is still our President and Chrysler is not sending ‘all’ Jeep production to China. Romneys is such a fool. Making millions doesn’t mean you care.

  • Lou Hodges

    I thought this was Auto Guide, not the Daily Worker