CODA Offers Customers Free Home Chargers

CODA Offers Customers Free Home Chargers

A new offer from California-based EV maker Coda is aiming to make the transition to owning an EV a little easer by offering a free home charging station. 

“Being able to completely fuel your Coda at home from empty to full in less than 6 hours with our partner’s GE’s WattStation charger is a convenience that every owner should be able to enjoy,” said Coda executive Thomas Hausch.

People buying a Coda EV before December 2 will get a free GE WattStation and home assessment which would normally cost about $2,000.

Electric cars generally come with a “level 1” charging cable capable of carrying 120 volts of current. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to replenish an EV battery pack in a timely manner. Most people will opt for a 240-volt “level 2” charging unit to speed up charge times, counting the cost as part of ownership.


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