Drivers Not Sold on Autonomous Cars: Survey

Drivers Not Sold on Autonomous Cars: Survey

Motorists in the U.K. are still skeptical of autonomous cars with forty percent of drivers saying they would never even consider one according to a new survey undertaken by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The majority of surveyed drivers think that the focus should be directed onto making current drivers better at driving, rather than making cars drive themselves. Half of those surveyed think that driverless cars will never become popular, while 10 percent think that the technology is irresponsible.

A J.D. Power study found basically the same thing in the U.S., with most drivers saying that they are skeptical of the new technology. Still, 20 percent of those surveyed here said that “definitely would” or “probably would” purchase a self-driving car after they found out that it would only be a $3,000 option.

“The presence of driverless technology in every car is still many years away. In the meantime, more should be done immediately to improve driver standards and deal with the most common human errors through better training, as well as incentives by the government and insurance companies,” said IAM chief executive Simon Best.

  • Drivingliekabaws

    I agree with em, it’s unnerving when these companies are saying, ‘these cars are incredibly safe!’ and show these self-driving cars operating in controlled conditions on a private runway or something. It’s like Volvo when they tried to demonstrate their S60 with the automatic braking safety thing and we all know how that went in the test…

  • Theo

    What “we all know” is that people who predict that new technologies will never succeed are usually wrong.