Drivers Under 30 Likely to use Internet While Driving: Study

Drivers Under 30 Likely to use Internet While Driving: Study

Almost half of drivers ages 18 to 29 use the internet while driving according to a new study by State Farm.

Distracted driving is rising quickly to the forefront as a key issue in automotive safety, but young drivers continue to come up as likely candidates for using cell phones behind the wheel. As an issue under heavy investigation, new studies are conducted and released on a regular basis, but it seems new enticements to peek at mobile devices come out just as often as new information on the habit.

“The mobile internet is generating another set of distractions for drivers to avoid,” Chris Mullen, State Farm director of technology research said. “Regulation, enforcement, education and technology all have a role to play.”

But regulation is difficult, especially in states where looking at a mobile device is only a secondary offense — less than enough for a police officer to pull drivers over.

In 2010, 3,092 people were killed and over 400,000 injured in car crashes involving a distracted driver according to transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

It’s an issue that isn’t likely to disappear either. In fact, the likelihood will increase as more people trade traditional mobile phones for versions capable of internet browsing and social media.

[Source: Automotive News]