Fiat 500e is Orange, White, Electric: 2012 LA Auto Show

Fiat 500e is Orange, White, Electric: 2012 LA Auto Show

Fiat debuted its 500e electric car today during the L.A. Auto Show to join the list of brands offering gas-free transportation.

With 111 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque, the car is anything but performance oriented — something Fiat poked fun at during its press conference. But people who would buy such a car probably have a few things in common. First, most of them likely live in California. Second, and more importantly, they aren’t concerned with spirited driving.

Instead, they’re concerned with things like how long the car can travel on a single charge and how long it will take to refill its battery. While this has yet to be seen, Fiat claims the car’s in-city range will surpass 100 miles, meaning it’s on par with most other electric-only cars. When plugged into a 240-volt charging station, the car can also go from flat to full in under four hours.

Honing in on its market, the brand is also offering the car with a style that’s likely to grab your attention. That style is actually functional, and not just skin deep. Fiat managed to reduce the car’s drag, making it 13 percent more aerodynamic than the normal 500 sub-compact. Orange and white or black and white color schemes are available.

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