Ford EcoBoost Engines Hit 500,000 Unit Milestone

Ford EcoBoost Engines Hit 500,000 Unit Milestone

Since Ford launched its EcoBoost engine lineup in 2009, the American automaker has sold over 500,000 EcoBoost-powered vehicles worldwide.

The milestone 500,000th engine was built for a 2013 Ford Escape, just one of several models that can be outfitted with an EcoBoost powerplant. In North America alone, EcoBoost sales have exceeded 389,000 since its launch.

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The family of EcoBoost engines include the 1.0-liter three cylinder, 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter four cylinder, and the powerful 3.5-liter V6. By the end of next year, more than 90 percent of Ford’s lineup in North America will have an EcoBoost engine option. Currently the automaker offers EcoBoost engines on 11 models, with four more coming next year.

“With the sharp increase in EcoBoost production in the Fusion and Escape – on top of the F-250 Super Duty Power Stroke diesel – Ford will have the best-selling turbocharged sedan, SUV and pickup truck in North America,” said Robert Fascetti, director of large gas & diesel engine engineering at Ford.