Ford Focus Gets Top Safety Rating from NHTSA

Ford Focus Gets Top Safety Rating from NHTSA

The 2013 Ford Focus has earned top marks from NHTSA, scoring a five-star rating in its New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). 

The NCAP tests look at performance in frontal and side-impact crashes as well as resistance to rollover. The Focus incorporates some exclusive safety features such as driver’s airbags that use a curve-shaped tether system to pull in the lower part of the airbag, creating a pocket to protect the driver’s chest and ribs.

Ford offers its MyKey system for the Focus as well, which allows parents to exercise control over the top speed their children can drive and the volume the stereo can be turned to, among other things.

The Focus also gets AdvanceTrac with electronic stability control and active park assist.

  • I had an accident at 70khr. hit a.UTE on the right back side, & rolled my car 4 or 5 times , & I came out with out a scratch,THE FOCUS finished on it’s wheels parked next to the kerb facing the ute.Front & side air-bags came out & WEARING THE SEAT BELT  had saved me, the car finished  wiped off the road, too expensive to fix, but I came out of it with out a single scratch, came out walking. I did not hit a congreate wall, no, but I hit a parking ford ute, at 70, my next car will be another FOCUS.