Ford, Microsoft Celebrate Five Years of SYNC – Video

Ford, Microsoft Celebrate Five Years of SYNC – Video

Earlier this year, the Ford SYNC system by Microsoft was inducted into the Computer History Museum, marking one of the first automotive computer systems to be featured.

Now, the American automaker along with Microsoft are celebrating five years of SYNC, with more than five million SYNC-equipped vehicles on the road. The companies are now looking forward to the next-generation of infotainment, turning to cloud computing and sensor data to offer its drivers a more connected car experience.

Though some would consider the SYNC system outdated in today’s standards, it was purposely built to take advantage of open protocols like USB and Bluetooth to make it fairly future proof. With smartphones continually progressing in the world of mobile computing, SYNC’s ability to work with these phones have been proven to be a pivotal crutch for the technology as Microsoft and Ford continue to build upon its foundation.

Other advances that the teams are working on include natural language processing and machine learning in hopes that SYNC can offer a more natural interaction between driver and vehicle.

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