Ford SVT Raptor a Hit in China

Ford SVT Raptor a Hit in China

Although it is not available from dealerships, Ford’s SVT Raptor has gained a cult following in China where some customers have paid the equivalent of $160,000 for one of the off-road beasts. 

These trucks are very niche products in China, and because of that are becoming very popular with the newly wealthy crowd that wants to stand out, and is willing to pay crazy inflated prices to do so. Part of the reason for the high cost is the import taxes that the Chinese government place on the Raptor, which increase the price by at least 50 percent.

As the craze continues to grow, Raptors are being imported into the country at a high-rate, and supply is now starting to dwarf demand which has been deflating the price.

Still, specialty vehicle interest is on the rise in China, as wealth continues to spread out and grow in the developing Chinese economy. The trend started with the Hummer, which was also a big hit with newly wealthy people who wanted to make a statement.

[Source: Detroit News]