Honda Civic Type-R Might Get 2.0T, 300HP

Honda Civic Type-R Might Get 2.0T, 300HP

A 300-hp turbocharged four cylinder might find it’s way into the next Civic Type-R.

Previously, AutoGuide speculated that Honda’s 1.6-liter turbocharged engine bound for its WTCC car might be the powerplant of choice. The brand hadn’t made an official announcement about a production car for it to live in. Honda CEO Takanobu Ito’s claim that the car will be the fastest front-wheel drive vehicle around the Nurburgring set the bar very high.

But now British outlet AutoExpress is reporting that Honda Research Institute president Yasuhisa Arai confirmed a 2.0-liter unit for the car. That’s because the 1.6-liter unit apparently won’t be enough to best its benchmark car, the Renaultsport Megane 256, round the ‘Ring.

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Apart from that, Arai also said he hoped the turbocharged engine will still keep the old VTEC Type-R’s top-end power. Furthermore, Honda is exploring suspension options to minimize torque steer. Among the options: a limited slip differential and even rear-wheel steering, although that would require considerable changes to the car’s rear suspension.

[Source: AutoExpress]

  • fryrice

    they should drop the usd acura rdx 2.3-liter 4 cyclinder turbo and drop that in the civic. acura made a fwd and sh-awd version of the rdx so i am sure honda can make some magic happen

  • Hondatrix

    Yes, but with proper Vtec head and more boost.