Honda N-One Mini-Car Revealed With Extra Cute Looks

Honda N-One Mini-Car Revealed With Extra Cute Looks

Honda has unveiled the newest addition to its Japan-only N Series of mini-vehicles, the N-One sporting an economy-minded 660-cc engine.

But the focus of the Japanese automaker’s N-One is a spacious cabin with seating for four with a lightweight, yet rigid body. Those looking for some luxury can opt for the N-One Premium model which comes with a high-quality exterior and interior “beyond those of any models in the mini-vehicle category,” according to Honda.

Though actual performance figures weren’t revealed, the N-One comes with either a 660-cc DOHC naturally aspirated engine, or a 660-cc DOHC Turbo  powerplant. Both engines are mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Despite not announcing horsepower and torque figures, Honda says that the N-One Turbo has comparable performance to a vehicle with a 1.3-liter in the class.

The N-One is available in front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive configurations with pricing starting at around $14,300 (1,150,000 yen) based on today’s conversion rates, while a top-of-the-line four-wheel drive N-One starts at around $21,200 (1,707,750 yen).

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  • Noe Japan


    If you live and drive in Japan these ‘Kei’ cars are a pain …. They are slow, barely able to keep up with traffic speeds ( in the countryside ) and they can be usually seen driving at the lowest speed holding up traffic. They are a crap, cheap small slow car!

    Kei cars in Japan, outside of Tokyo, are abundant and are made by each manufacturer as they have a car taxing and road taxing bracket all to themselves …….. In Tokyo they are more of a rarity as people strive for a proper car

    Amazing Japanese automakers are panning this shit out, but then, the auto industry here in Japan is in troubles as sales volumes have dropped and less people in the city and suburbs are keen on cars ( especially younger people) ….. So they need to get rid of the stock piles somewhere.

  • Front bench seat-Awesome!
    Fit “magic” rear seats-Awesome!
    Mini-cooperish styling with Japanese reliability-Awesome!
    North America will never see this… Terrible!

    Test the market and sell me one please!

  • I have a kei truck (Subaru Sambar) in Canada and it is more than capable of keeping up with traffic here, which from what I understand is considerably faster than Japan on average.

    Kei cars get tons of features crammed into them that you wouldn’t normally find on vehicles in this price range. This thing would compete with the likes of the Scion IQ, Fiat 500, and SmartforTwo and I think would destroy them with AWD and Hondas Magic rear seats.  It’s getting fuel economy numbers just a hair behind the Prius!

  • Noe Japan

    @ blinzer. : get on the expressway and they don’t keep up with traffic. They struggle to overtake. On the country roads they have low pulling power and struggle up hill. You may think your moving but others driving around you won’t. Each to there own and all.

  • K Khetwit

    Whene is Honda n one will avalalibel in Australli and Thailand ? I’m wait think to buy it soon thank