Honda Releases New Christmas Commercials – Video

Honda Releases New Christmas Commercials – Video

Honda has started its “Happy Honda Days” Christmas event, and with it comes six commercials that put a humorous spin on the holidays. 

Whether it is Steve’s mom ruining his dates in his new Honda Pilot, or the Ladies out dancing in the Odyssey, the Honda days commercials have something for everyone.

“It’s critical for our holiday campaign to break through the clutter during this time period, and we’re confident that these lighthearted spots will stand out,” said Susie Rossick, senior manager of regional marketing at American Honda Motor Co.

Check out the funny spots below.

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  • P54

    What were you trying to sell again? The car or the trash can behind it? Has the car buying public lost any interest in the car itself? Can you buy a car anymore without the features promoted in the ad? Why choose Honda? Because of their superior engineering, the quality of the total package, however their commercials rates at bottom, except this one. Check this video out, a must see:    The following is an extended version:
    And here is the story behind the making of the commercial:

  • Big Fan

    Honda makes the funniest commercials. Love them all.

  • khelynn55

    What is Steven’s mother (Nancy)  saying when she is talking about the rearview camera – I have tried to listen serveral times and still not able to understand what she was screaming.


    Hollis Queens, moms makin chicken and collard greens!

  • Alangley20

    My favorite honda commercial,is with the little boy and his parents. The little boy’s father starting singing loud to the rock n roll song on the radio….Lol hysterical!!!

  • Suzmull

    What is he singing? Fireflies wings on fire? WTH?

  • Suzmull


  • khelynn55

    Thanks!  After watching it again, I noticed the trashcan!!!!

  • Jpacbel

    what is stevens mother say when shes calling her son in the car ?  i also barely could understand her during the  trashcan scene too.

  • Sunshinekat03

    The Elf is expressing VIOLENCE by grabbing a candy cane, breaking it and threatening the car dealer/helper. Where is this appropriate behavior and Honda’s Motto, “We Care?” My grandchildren love cute animations. What part of a violent elf is cute? I hate Honda’s Commercial!  My Personal Opinion.


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