Honda Super GT Race Car Hoonage – Video

Honda Super GT Race Car Hoonage – Video

The annual “Honda Meeting” in Japan is a chance for journalists from around the world to sample future product and learn about upcoming technologies from one of Japan’s leading automakers. And while the focus of this year’s deep-dive into the world of Honda focused on everything from safety to hybrids, it wasn’t all technical presentations and engineering speak, as the video below demonstrates.

While journalists were given the opportunity to drive unique products, like the N-One mini-car, and flog an Acura RLX prototype on a test track, one of the high-performance highlights was a demo showcasing Honda’s current racing initiatives.

The brand might be low on performance-minded products at the dealership level, but it’s at least a positive sign that motorsports continues to be a focus of the brand.

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Pieced together from some hastily shot iPhone video are two cars Honda competes with in the Super GT racing series. The CR-Z shares almost nothing with the street-going car and while it is a hybrid, it also makes use of a twin-turbo 2.7-liter V6 engine. As for the second car, it’s the vastly more powerful GT500-spec HSV-010 GT race car, based on nothing remotely resembling a production Honda and powered by an incredible high-revving 3.4-liter V8.

Try not to mope about how little either of these cars have to do with the current Honda lineup and enjoy this minute-long video.

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