Hyundai, Kia Sued in US Over Incorrect MPG Claims

Hyundai, Kia Sued in US Over Incorrect MPG Claims

After admitting to incorrect fuel mileage claims on about 900,000 vehicles, Hyundai and Kia are now faced with a lawsuit that is seeking class-action status and unspecified damages.

The suit was filed on Sunday in the U.S. District Court of Southern Ohio, and is aiming to get attorney’s fees, class-action designation, as well as unspecified damages that were incurred as a result of the incorrect stated fuel economy. The suit is also trying to get permission for buyers to back out of their purchase or lease agreements on the affected vehicles, specifically for Ohio consumers.

Both companies have already initiated compensation programs, but for certain customers, that clearly was not enough. The plaintiffs in the case are Molly Simons, who bought a 2012 Kia Rio,  and Rebecca Sanders and Jeffrey Millar who purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra last month.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • This time Hyundai will be facing a great many angry Hyundai owners. Suzuki is bankrupt. Hyundai seems to be next one because it shots its own foot

  • Noe Japan

    The cheap ass people come out ….. What losers ….

  • Lhstestimonies

    Wow, I noticed from the beginning that our 2009 Kia burns TOO MUCH GAS!!! I told my family that it is the WORST CAR that we have ever brought. The gas mileage per gallon is very important to us! 
    SHAME ON YOU KIA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beverly Baker

    How do we join the lawsuit?  We have a 2010 Kia Rio.

  • Allemanp

    They don’t mention Veracruz BUT horrible gas mileage on that model too.

  • Kkelley

    the incorrect mileage only applies to the last 3 model years. your 2009 Kia mileage was stated correctly. (I have a 2008 Hyundai Accent myself)

  • Itm15406

    I live in Washington. How do I join the lawsuit?

    Or do I need to find a class action suit in Washington?

  • Dave

    Unspecified damages – after the nice rebate that Kia is giving me, for the entire time I own the car they will pay me back about 18% of my fuel cost, I’d have a hard time specifying any damages, too.


    I bought a 2011 Soul to get better gas milage than my 1995 Sorento, in the process gave up size and towing capacity, and the sad thing is I only get 1-2 miles more per gallon than the Sorento.  When I tried to join the reimbursement program I was told my Kia did not qualify.  How can that be.  I want to join a lawsuit.

  • Jim Williams

    I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Under ideal conditions (flat road, 50-60 mph, no breaking) it gets 31 mpg, a far cry from the 38 mpg the EPA reports. I talked to the head of service where I bought my car; he asserted my car was “operating within normal parameters” and declined to do anything about it. I feel badly duped.

  • oilman_15106

    I purchased a 2013 Kia Sorento and the maximum highway mileage I have attained is 21 mpg!  WTF.  I have a Toyota V8  3/4 ton truck that achieves the same highway mpg.  The reimbursement program is a joke.  I figured it will cost me at least $800 a year more in gasoline.  Kia should step up and offer to buy these cars back.

  • Bhudson1951

    I have a 2012 Sorento with the GDI package for better fuel economy – HA! I’ve documented, and my dealer has confirmed, my highway mpg is under 23. That’s a long way from the 32 on the sticker. I’ve put over 20,000 miles on the car since April, and they offered me $118 as a rebate. What a joke! I’m not accepting their offer and will look for a class action lawsuit to join until they get serious about taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Punk_2086

    i have a 2012 genesis coupe 3.8 track and i get 20 hwy and 15 city and 17 average. the 2012 camaro ss V8 gets 24 hwy. so why should a v6 get worse gas mileage than a v8? i had a 97 ford exploder 4wheel drive get better gas mileage than my car. but hyundai cant make up its mind on who to refund. i hit lemon law last year and they dont wanna buy back or compensate for my cars issues. its $34k worth of junk. thanks hyundai

  • Mike

    I purchased a 2012 hyundai the rated hwy milage was supposed to be 40 mpg we are getting 26 to 28 mgp and the car was driven 39,000 miles in the last 12 months and runs on the Highway 106 miles per day we just took it in and they are going to reimburse us $390.00 we are getting 25% less than advertised
    25% of $3.00 per gallon gas equates to 75 cents per gallon NOT the 10 cents they are offering. We purchased 1392 gallons to drive 39,000 miles.  75cents X 1392 gallons equals $1,044.00 a far cry from
    the money they are offering.  I would have NEVER purchased this vehicle if they were honest. I am going to contact my dealer and try and use the “lemon law” to have them take it back (fat chance Ha)
    If I opt. for a class action you know the attournys will get 80% of any payout   

  • Jim Williams

     Keep us posted! I like the class action idea, here’s why: I bought an Electra partly to do my part against global warming, and Hyundai’s false promises are defeating my efforts. I’m more interested in their being brought to justice than I am in personal reward. By the way, if you’re not sure why all the fuss about global warming, I highly recommend Bill McKibben’s book Eaarth (spelled with two ‘a’s).

  • Bettyjolowery

    How do you get on the lawsuit?

  • Jim Williams

     I believe so far, there are class action suits in California and Ohio. If you bought your car in one of these states you’re automatically signed up, assuming the suit goes forward. Other states, I don’t know about.

  • How IE

    2013 Accent GLS here, my first new car and probably last !  I am averging 16.9 MPG in the City and 18-24 Highway which is unacceptable.  I am trying to get a California Lemon law Lawyer to help and if that doesn’t work I will drive to the dealership and NOT move until they trade me another Brand New Accent or refund Everything + 1,000 for time lost and advertising that was a big LIE !

  • Dsel

    I am very surprised to hear all of the mileage complaints. I bought a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe and I’m averaging between 27-31 mpg. Around town I get about 25-26 mpg.
    My parents and a friend both bought new cars about the same time, a Sonata and Elantra and they are both getting well over 30 mpg on the highway.

  • GoIrish

    I have the same exact model and I get the same exact mileage. I choose that SUV over all the other SUV’s because it had the best gas mileage. I only get 23 miles to the gallon on the freeway. I don’t know where they come up with the equation that it is only off 1-2 miles per gallon.

  • dtoney

    I bought a 2013 elantra here in tennesee, the 1st month I had it, I took it back time and time again complaining about the gas mileage , they told me that I was driving it to much, that’s why it was drinking gas… glad to know im not crazy after all