In-Car Texting Blocker Gets Consumer Reports Nod

In-Car Texting Blocker Gets Consumer Reports Nod

A new gadget is on the market that aims to keep drivers from sending and receiving text messages behind the wheel. 

It’s called TextBuster, and it blocks cell phones through a small bluetooth device hidden under the dashboard which works in tandem with a downloadable app. Consumer Reports is already giving the system a thumbs up, calling it “simple and intriguing,” One of the best things about it is that you’ll still be able to access the calling and GPS functions on your phone.

Passengers can also still peck out an SMS because the system will only interfere with prearranged devices. As much as the system seems to solve many of the problems associated with other similar devices, you might wonder why someone wouldn’t just turn the app off.

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That’s taken care of too. It’s password protected and geared directly at parents worried their young drivers might be guilty of the dangerous practice. In fact, those parents are probably the only people on Earth who would even consider using the system, which costs $179.

But guardians might think twice before scoffing at the price tag — there’s more. Apart from keeping your emotional teen from texting Tiffany, her “BFF,” after a breakup, it sends an alert to the administrator if anyone tried to disable the system. It also keeps a log of the driver’s speed and route history.

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Of course, there are other applications for the system. Anyone with a company vehicle might find it useful to know how and where their employees are driving the car. It’s also conceivable that installing devices like TextBuster will offer insurance discounts in the near future.