Lexus LF-LC Blue Coming to LA Auto Show

Lexus LF-LC Blue Coming to LA Auto Show

Lexus will bring its eye-catching LF-LC concept to the Los Angeles Auto Show for its North American debut later this month.

The car initially debuted almost a year ago in Detroit, albeit not in the blue you see here. Apart from a color change, the slick-looking Lexus concept has a lot going on under its skin that differs from the red Detroit car.

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It still uses a similar 500-hp hybrid drivetrain featuring an Atkinson-cycle engine, but this time power is distributed between all four wheels rather than just the rears. That hybrid system also benefits from a high-density battery pack capable of storing more power while weighing much less.

Carbon fiber technology from the company’s venerable LFA supercar also contributed to the LF-CC headed to L.A. Finally, it features a revised interior over the red car. In spite of that, many of the features that won it so much popularity are still intact. Its futuristic gauge cluster is there, as are the many cabin features finished with organic shapes.

GALLERY: Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept


[Source: Car and Driver]