Lexus LS Based TMG Sports 650 Concept Unveiled

Lexus LS Based TMG Sports 650 Concept Unveiled

Based on the Lexus LS 460, Toyota’s motorsports division TMG has just unveiled the Sports 650 concept ahead of its debut at the upcoming Essen Motor Show. 

Under the hood is a twin-turbo V8 that puts out 641 hp, mated to an eight-speed transmission that gives the Sports 650 a top speed of just under 200 mph. The car will likely have rear-wheel drive, but could also receive an all-wheel drive system.  TMG used the last generation Lexus LS for the concept, but massaged the body panels quite a bit to improve the aerodynamics. When it all comes together, the car will sprint from 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds, and stop using Brembo carbon ceramic brakes.

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The body now incorporates quite a few carbon fiber add-ons, as well as TMG badges where the Lexus badges would normally be.

Rumors have been circulating that TMG would like to become a performance sub-brand of Lexus, and the reception of the Sports 650 will likely help the brand to determine if that hook up would be successful.

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