Lexus NX 200t and NX 300h Trademarked

Lexus NX 200t and NX 300h Trademarked

Toyota has recently filed for a trademark on the nameplates NX 200t, and NX 300h, which further suggests that the Lexus is working on a small crossover to fit in below the RX.

The NX 200t name suggests a vehicle with a new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, and a NX 300h would use the same hybrid powertrain as the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Avalon Hybrid and Lexus ES 300h.

The NX name points to a smaller crossover, one that is speculated to be based on the Toyota RAV4. The NX trademark clears up a rumor that the sub-RX crossover would be called the CX. However, Lexus trademarked a TX name a few years ago, that hasn’t been seen in any cars yet.

The Lexus RX is a best seller in its segment, mainly because it’s much larger in size, packing in more features and comfort than its competition.

This new small Lexus crossover would compete directly with the BMW X1, MINI Countryman, the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLA, the upcoming Audi Q3 and the Buick Encore. It could very well follow the RX’s steps in offering a similar vehicle for lesser money.

[Source: Kaizen Factor]