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 |  Nov 06 2012, 6:32 PM

A trademark Lexus filed in Australia might hint at the production version of its LF-CC coupe first seen in Paris earlier this year.

Of course, official information on the car is just as unavailable as it was before, but the newly filed trademark could lend some insight to the brand’s plans. Luxury car nomenclature can tell a story all its own, and that might be the case here.

Lexus chose to call the filing “RC 350.” Following past brand names opens space for speculation about what that alphanumeric combo might mean.

“R,” the first piece of the puzzle, doesn’t really say much. Or at least it doesn’t tell us what the car will be, but it can say what it wont be: something directly related to either the GS 350 or IS 350.  ”C” would stand for coupe as in past SC models.

Finally, the 350 probably suggests that the car will source power from a 3.5-liter engine. One might further extrapolate that it will be a V6 based on Lexus current powerplant lineup.

[Source: IP Australia via Lexus Enthusiast]