GM Compact Diesel Trucks May be Coming to US

GM Compact Diesel Trucks May be Coming to US

General Motors might bring its already-existant line of light-duty diesel pickup trucks to the U.S. market in a push to better compete with Toyota. 

None of the Detroit three currently sell trucks in the light duty segment, leaving the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier unanswered. Ford only recently stopped selling its Ranger small pickup truck despite having halted production. For the blue oval brand, it was part of a push to promote its Ecoboost V6-powered F-150s. GM doesn’t have trucks that fit the same niche, and seems to be having misgivings about leaving well enough alone.

News of the brand’s plans to sell a version of the Chevrolet Colorado light pickup, which was discontinued for the North American market, confirmed the brand’s plans, but not for some time.

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Now, GM North American boss Mark Reuss says the brand is looking at offering a diesel motor in its light duty trucks. Likely to be the lowest-cost option to reach production, the line of turbo diesel-powered Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks sold in other markets seem like a solid candidate.

GM is still mum on details, but plopping a small turbo diesel into its trucks would offer consumers plenty of torque and almost certainly improved fuel economy over the previous generations gasoline engines.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

  • LouisChoquette

    I would love to see a compact diesel pickup truck come to NA, however I think I need to remind you that the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are midsize pickup trucks. Nonetheless, I think a Colorado or Canyon with a small diesel would be great too.

  • Jeffrey

    No Brainer

    We have both the new Ranger and Colorado with Diesel and turbo diesel motors.
    They are both bigger than the older units. and torque mosters
    here we can get then in 1 ton or 3 ton ratings

  • Not

    please please please make a compact diesel pickup

  • Not

    Take no note to my the name “Not” I’m sincere!  I really want one!

  • A83monteguy

    PLEASE bring these trucks to the US. Diesels are where its atm, make it happen

  • Sdshawn29

    That would the first new truck I would buy since 05 if they start producing them. I think the reason why the small truck market softened was becuase they really did not get that much better milage then the half tons in the later models , even the tacomas they are horrible on fuel  I love the truck but whats the point in mpg. Big auto needs to stop thinking hp and more mpgs for the masses.

    I want a truck that I can actually afford to take a trip with .

  • Dryrun54

    Please O Please bring the diesel option!!!! I want to buy domestic small diesel powered vehicle but I have no options!  This would be a great vehicle.  

  • Dprice

    I will buy a small/mid diesel pickup immediately.  WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER.  Need to get rid of the chicken tax that has shielded the domestic truck manufacturers from real competition since 1964.

  • Kf6bsn

    If GM offered a diesel engine in their small to mid truck market I would be first in line. It would be great to have a turbo diesel. If you build it they will come.

  • Mentallect

    If GM made a reliable diesel with an affordable price, it would sell out.

  • sluggah

    Diesel is no longer the polluter that it once was, it’s so much more efficient, I’d sign up in a flash.

  • Wmholder1

    4×4 extended cab colorado with a small turbo diesel. I would trade in my silverado 2500 in a heartbeat.

  • Josephh654

     Ya at what price though? Anyone want to cough up 30 grand?

  • Pepe Pinga

    I can´t believe it´s taken US auto makers THIS long to figure out what truck buyers want!  We want DIESEL options! a tough little truck with a diesel is what I´m ready to trade my full-sized Dodge Ram for!!

  • John Gomba

    About Time.!!!!! Please have a small one like the VW Diesel Caddy… a 1.4 liter Turbo… This one would sell. But also a large one as well. Different needs for different folks..

  • Stephen

    Can wait to trade in my gas pickup truck

  • aa3

    That is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m on my second Colorado and would love to have a stronger, more efficient engine in an American-made, right-size truck.

  • Scthrower

    Do it!

  • Richie

    Long overdue ! I drove Rangers for years. Likeded the Truck  But Hated the Gas milege for a small truck.
    Bring it back with a Disel & I would RUN not walk to my Foed dealer .  



  • Joel S

    I’m not going to by a new truck until there is a TDI model, hopefully by Ford.

  • Ed

    2 + Years and America still waits and wonders why even after Dodge has proven a demand?