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 |  Nov 23 2012, 10:45 AM

Boasting over 535 hp, a modified limited edition Ford Falcon GT is now the most powerful highway patrol car to ever roam Australian roadways.

The standard Falcon GT is rated at 450 hp, but this limited edition model benefits from a larger exhaust system and beefier fuel injectors, providing the supercharged V8 engine plenty of extra power. It is also the fastest car ever built by Ford Australia.

Funded by the Motor Accidents Authority, the highway patrol variant GT is build number 150 and celebrates the NSW Police’s 150th anniversary.

Surprisingly though, the Falcon GT won’t be used to chase down freeway speeders or law breakers; it’ll be campaigned more as a public awareness vehicle at events across NSW to interact with car enthusiasts.

”It’s a conversation starter,” says Inspector John Lipman, the commander of the traffic technology section. ”It’s about interacting with car enthusiasts and having a similar vehicle to what they would have or what they might aspire to.”

[Source: News.com.au]