McLaren to Supply Electric Engines to Formula E

McLaren to Supply Electric Engines to Formula E

McLaren is already established in Formula 1 racing, and now the British company has pledged to provide engines, electronics and transmissions to Spark Racing Technology for use in the upcoming Formula E championship series. 

Formula E is going to be an all-electric racing league, set up by the FIA to promote electric vehicle technology. Formula E Holdings, the consortium that holds the commercial rights to the championship, has ordered 42 cars from Spark Racing Technology, so that when the league launches in 2014 there will be a full race field.

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McLaren has been tapped to supply the engines, transmissions and electronics, while other companies will be brought in to provide the car’s chassis components and batteries.

There will be 10 teams and 20 drivers for the 42 cars, as two cars will be needed to complete a one-hour race because of battery life.

[Source: Financial Times]