MG Hopes to Reinvent the Sports Car

MG Hopes to Reinvent the Sports Car

A tall order to  say the least, former British brand MG hopes to find its roots while finding a “next breed of sports car.”

Owned these days by Chinese firm SAIC, the automaker’s sales hinge on the Chinese market which is generally cold toward sports cars. Still, MG executive David Lindley says the company’s Chinese owners understand what a sports car will do for the brand.

It’s still a mystery what that car could shape up to be, with the most recent “Icon” concept car — the crossover concept seen above — already ruled out.

Given the brand’s rich history with rear-drive roadsters, it’s hard to imagine what building the next breed of sport car might mean. That’s even more difficult given that there don’t seem to be any firm plans yet.

A sports car from the brand would likely be aimed at the European market, which is in no place to support low volume products like what this would probably be.

Given all that, it seems unlikely that SAIC will pour the buckets of money it would take into building a new car any time soon.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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    2 words.. UGLY, Chicom

  • Love this one and I wouldn’t change a thing on it before I marketed it!