Most Researched Cars of the Week: November 18 – 24

Most Researched Cars of the Week: November 18 – 24

Compacts and sub-compacts were the most popularly queried cars this week with selections from both Japan and the U.S. filling the list.

Up first, the 2013 Mazda3 remains mostly unchanged over the previous model year. Last year, it benefited from Mazda’s new line of SkyActiv engines to offer better fuel economy while maintaining the brand’s rev-happy reputation.

The next car has a less joyous tale to tell with Suzuki recently announcing its departure from the U.S. car market. Poor sales as the bottom feeder brand and a product line more stale than old bread. Still, the car managed to claw its way to the top of the list this week as a popular search, perhaps because people thinking about a new car purchase haven’t realized the car’s difficult future.

Just behind it, the 2013 Ford Fiesta sub-compact also seemed to be running across people’s minds. Ford gave official confirmation this week that it plans to bring its 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which currently powers the European Focus, as a new powerplant for the car in 2014.

Toyota’s Yaris sub-compact was also popular this week, although the car stays just as uninspiring this year as last. For 2013 it gets a few mild upgrades and a bump in price, with the “tech audio package” as standard equipment.

Finally, Dodge’s Dart — Chrylser’s re-entry to the compact car market based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta rounded off the list. With a host of engines ranging from mild to reasonably powerful, the Dart offers loads of tech features for younger buyers but struggles with its price. The base 2.0-liter engine doesn’t have enough power, but you’ll need to creep too far up the price ladder to buy the peppier 1.4-liter turbo.

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2013 Mazda Mazda3

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2013 Ford Fiesta

2013 Toyota Yaris

2013 Dodge Dart