New Backup Camera System Making Cars See-Through

New Backup Camera System Making Cars See-Through

Superman’s x-ray vision would make some things a whole lot easier like playing poker or parallel parking, and in some ways that technology is close at hand.

Be still, peeping toms. The system won’t let you look through solid objects at will — at least not entirely. A research project out of Keio University in Tokyo allows drivers to turn around and look out the back of their car as if there was nothing there.

Using a pair of cameras mounted on the boot lid, an image of the view from directly behind the car is projected onto the backseat.

It’s not clear how the system would function with rear seat passengers, but the idea of having a projector beam sounds blindingly unpleasant.

Research is being conducted in a Toyota Prius and recent reports suggest the team is already in talks with a Japanese manufacturer to start implementing the system. When it would be available, where and how much it would cost are still undisclosed.