New Domestics Struggle in Consumer Reports’ Tests

New Domestics Struggle in Consumer Reports’ Tests

It’s been a big year for Detroit with scores of new models reaching the market, but some are struggling to get the full nod from Consumer Reports .

Among them, the Korean-built Chevrolet Sonic sub-compact gathered praise for performing well in fuel economy tests but failed overall. Despite having functional back seats — a rarity in that segment — its noisy cabin and poor acceleration earned it a 34 overall which is “too low to recommend.”

Meanwhile, the Dodge Dart lost points with the popular publication for having an engine that was either underpowered with the 2.0-liter unit or too raspy and unpleasant to drive with te 1.4-liter turbo mated to the automated manual transmission. Just like the Spark, those flaws dropped it too low for a recommendation.

Both the Cadillac XTS and Lincoln MKS struggled as well, falling short of the rags measuring stick. In Cadillac’s case, the car wowed its Consumer Reports reviewers in most areas, but much the same as the oft-maligned MyFord Touch system, GM’s CUE infotainment interface was too confusing. Still, the XTS scored higher than the Lincoln.

While the MKS had “excellent features,” it lost points quickly for having a “cramped driving position, ungainly handling, uncompromised ride, and limited visibility.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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