New Nissan 240SX Rumors Surface… Again

New Nissan 240SX Rumors Surface… Again

For decades, Nissan has been creating some of Japan’s finest sports cars. Both the 370Z and the GT-R are well respected for the performance they deliver, especially for the price, but there’s no arguing Nissan lacks a real sports car under $30,000.

Now that Subaru and Toyota have produced the BRZ and Scion FR-S, it’s easy to see that Nissan has no true competitor in that market segment – not since the 240SX exited production. And even then, the 240 America got wasn’t the same performance-minded machine available in Japan.

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So if Nissan is to develop a next-generation 240SX, it would have to be a real challenger to the BRZ and the FR-S. And if new rumors are to believed, the Japanese automaker is hard at work at the task of taking back the throne, using platform shared with the 370Z, and powered by either a turbocharged or supercharged 4-cylinder engine.

Given Nissan’s track record though, it’s highly unlikely that it would go the route of supercharging for its new 240SX model. Rumor has it that the automaker is deciding between two different powerplants, one based off of the Juke’s turbocharged 1.6-liter and a Mercedes-Benz-sourced 1.8-liter.

Either engine could easily produce 200 hp or more, helping it stay competitive with the BRZ/FRS twins.

While Nissan has yet to confirm any plans to make an entry-level sports car, few would be surprised if the 240SX made a comeback.

[Source: GT Channel]

  • jim

    I had one of these in the 80s….worse car I had ever owned…good luck

  • Ray

    80’s? you mean a 200sx? the s13 and s14 240sx were amazing cars i loved my s14 they should have brought the s15 here  would have probab;y bought that instead of my z

  • Rchamp13

    I hope Nissan brings back the 240SX but stays somewhat close to the original S13 shape. that hatchback version would be prime with a turbocharged inline 5 and 6 speed manual

  • g burciaga

    i ownd a 93 24sx SE Convertible, greatest car i have ever owned…… i sure miss it and i REALLY hope they bring out a new one cause id sure as hell buy one.

  • JQ240

    He’s a troll.