Next Ford Fiesta to be Built on New Platform

Next Ford Fiesta to be Built on New Platform

Ford is currently developing a new platform family for its models, and the next-generation Fiesta could be the first vehicle to benefit from it.

The American automaker hopes to debut its new Fiesta in about three years and the platform underpinning it could also be used on the Ford Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion models. Similar to concept to Volkswagen’s MQB platform, Ford hopes to build a new platform family with structural variations to fit its needs.

By allowing for more variations, Ford will be able to develop vehicles of all sizes with its new platform, making it more versatile than what VW is currently using. Each model could have changes in its weight, strength, and substances, depending on its needs.

As part of the automaker’s One Ford program, it has committed to reduce its number of platforms from 11 to nine to help reduce costs while increasing its economies of scale.

[Source: Inside Line]