Next Generation Volt to be More Aggressive

Next Generation Volt to be More Aggressive

Sporty, aggressive and imposing aren’t words many people would associate with the Chevrolet Volt, but the brand might borrow cues from its European subsidiary, Opel,  for the car’s next generation.

While the version North Americans are being served wears a lukewarm cloak that looks about as performance-oriented as the car actually is, the Ampera takes that body and makes it look, well, cooler. It turns out, people like buying cool-looking cars, and Chevrolet is taking note.

“We’re going to do some things with the Volt down the road, make it a little more monochromatic, a little more road-hugging,” Chevrolet exterior design director said to AutoBlog. Tweaking the Volt will help, but GM also plans to launch other vehicles using its Voltec plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Cars like the Cadillac ELR are already on the way, but there’s likely to be more coming as the competition heats up with other plug-ins on the market.   

“We are looking at all the different kinds of design DNA for how we proceed with this technology. Nothing is left off the table. No idea is a bad idea,” he said.

[Source: AutoBlog Green]

  • matt sobocan

    Is towing option still out of the question/stupid idea? Honestly thats the deciding factor if I get one of these things. It only needs to tow 600lbs.