Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest

Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest


Coming in the top spot on this top-nine list is Volvo. The Chinese-owned Swedish automaker is known for safety; unfortunately of late it’s not known for keeping its customers. Only 30 percent of buyers come back for a second helping. Still, they’ve been holding on to their vehicles longer than any other brand. When turned in, the average Volvo is 7.05 years old.

On the bright side the average age of its buyers is younger than you might think, clocking in at 51 years.

With just 0.4 percentage points of market share the company moves fewer vehicles in the United States than MINI or Scion. Volvo may be selling safety, but other automakers are selling cars.

[Source: 24/7 Wall Street]

  • Angel

    It’s a shame Volvo doesn’t get as much exposure in the States.  Don’t really care much about the other models but the XC60 is an amazing car to drive.