Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest

Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest


Leaving Auburn Hills, Mich., its off to Dearborn for the seventh-place finisher. In Ford country owners keep their vehicles for an average of 6.02 years, yes, just two hundredths of a year longer than Chrysler buyers. The math works out to a total of 7.3 extra days. Now you know.

The average Ford patron is slightly younger than Chrysler’s, clocking in at a not-terribly geriatric 52. As for customer retention, the company is tied with Honda at 60 percent. FORD: Fortunate Owners Repeat Decisions.

  • Angel

    It’s a shame Volvo doesn’t get as much exposure in the States.  Don’t really care much about the other models but the XC60 is an amazing car to drive.