Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest

Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest


Bringing some international flair to this truncated top 10 list is Infiniti. At trade-in time the average age of one of these luxury cars is 6.1 years. Last year it clocked in at 5.7, which was a strong enough showing to earn it ninth place on this list. But like George Jefferson they’ve moved on up.

Nissan’s luxury division manages to retain about 46 percent of its customers — a few clicks less than the industry average. The typical Infiniti buyer is aging gracefully, with an even five decades on their life odometers. That means they still have plenty of time to sample other high-end vehicles from competitors like Audi and Cadillac, and apparently most of them do.

  • Angel

    It’s a shame Volvo doesn’t get as much exposure in the States.  Don’t really care much about the other models but the XC60 is an amazing car to drive.